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Live To Fulfill God's Will
Freedom is not the right to do what we wish, but the liberty to do what is right.


The Silent Majority Must Speak
It is time for the church to boldly speak out.


Tax Week — Who Pays?
Taxes should fund some basic necessities and everyone should participate, but the current trend goes against this founding principle.


Common Concerns of the Church and State
Our nation is heading in the wrong direction and much of the responsibility lies in the church. Still, there is hope — and it lies in the church, as well.


Father, Forgive Them
Good Friday brings the hope of forgiveness.


Our Certain Hope
Only real love, real compassion and a real connection between people can provide real help.


Freedom's Only Hope
No political agenda can bring about the desperately needed changes in our country; that can only come through a changing of people's hearts.


Common Concerns
Our founders had doctrinal differences, yet they established our nation on proven, common principles.


The Blind Leading the Blind
Our nation is blindly being led into the ditch of defeat, despair, dissension, division and debt.


Christians and Politics
Why should a minister feel threatened to talk about the responsibility of Christians to participate in the fate of our nation?


Breaking the Cycle of Defeat
From the moment God created mankind in total freedom, people have given in to the subtle, seductive power of bondage.


The Blessing of God
Our nation has been blessed, but what have we done with that blessing?


The Closet
There's a time to go into "thy closet" and a time to "come out."


Remembering Reagan
After this week's State of the Union address, I couldn't help but reflect on strong leadership.


Haiti and the Judgment of God
If the Haitian earthquake was God's judgment, He missed his target.


Rebuilding Haiti's Foundation
Haiti's structure is weak. It must be rebuilt on a solid foundation.


Join Me in Prayer
My top concerns for the church and our nation.


The Garden of God
Commitment for the New Year and beyond...


Happy Birthday, Jesus
This is the time to personally experience the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


A Failure To Communicate
It appears that our leaders in Washington can't get along – and there is a reason.


Abusing Freedom
When unscrupulous people abuse freedom, unwise people blame the freedom instead of the abuse.


Drunk, But Not On Wine
Isaiah warns of a spiritual intoxication that leads to destruction.


Reflections on this Thankgiving holiday.


An Open Letter to Sarah Palin
Personal words for the former governor and her stance for solid principles.


The Lessons of Fort Hood
Reflections on principles after the first terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11.


Change Hearts To Change Laws
I fully agree with any political initiative to fight gay marriage, but we must not simply stand against something; we must stand for something.


Just Take A Painkiller
Do we really want politicians telling us if we are allowed to have critical medical care?


Our Political Vietnam
We will be hurt unless we can properly identify those who want to hurt us.


Healing Hands
Allowing a doctor to participate in the healing process does not compromise one's faith.


How's That Change Working For You?
A review of pre-election observations proves prophetic.


Is There a Revolution on the Horizon?
Will America return to the principles that made her a great nation?


Overcoming the Darkness
We are in a fight, but we "wrestle not with flesh and blood."


It Is Time To Dial 911
America needs to issue an emergency call for spiritual help.


Wake Up, Church!
Those committed to rock-solid principles are the only hope we have for a secure and prosperous future.


Sitting in the Counsel of the Ungodly
You can tell a leader by his advisors.


Angry...What Next?
Should Christians ever protest their government?


Restoration, Not Transformation
We need to return to the founding fathers' wisdom of a limited government of the people, for the people and by the people.


Enabling the Irresponsible: Funding Foolishness
Government is a spoiled, out-of-control money addict; we are its enablers.


The Joy and Blessings of Servanthood
The more we bless, the more we are blessed.


I See The Enemy
Our enemy is not "flesh and blood," but the ideologies taking over Washington DC.


The Greatest Ponzi Scheme
Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff went to jail for it, yet Congress has been doing it for decades.


The Declaration of Dependence
President Obama declares all nations "interdependent" and claims everyone should be treated equally.


The New American Crisis
"These are the times that try men's souls," Thomas Paine wrote in 1776. Once again, we face threats to our liberty.


Fools Cannot Make Wise Decisions
When we defy the principles of God, we become fools incapable of wise leadership.


America on the Road to Ruin
"If destruction be our lot," Abraham Lincoln said, "we must ourselves be its author and finisher."


Rise Up, Defenders Of Freedom
Now is the time to stand up for freedom and the principles that made our country great.


Shooting Your Cause In The Foot
People can often set themselves back by choosing the wrong actions and words.


Equality Is Not Sameness
The law can give us equal opportunity, but nobody can guarantee equal outcome.


Harmony of Church and State
America was not built on separation of church and state, but rather harmony of church and state.


Engraved In Stone
America's history acknowledges God, but America's people must acknowledge him, too.


When The Roof Collapses
The Dallas Cowboys' harrowing experience illustrates bigger truths.


Freedom of Speech: The Right to Preach
"Hate Crimes" bill threatens to outlaw the Gospel.


The Sins of Our Fathers
It makes no sense to hold on to resentment from generations past.


One Way To Heaven?
Christians don't condemn others to hell, they just repeat Jesus' words on how to get to heaven.


A Dark Day, A Bright Light
Easter brings a message of hope and promise through Jesus Christ.


When Insanity Rules
America is quickly being divided into two groups: those who pay taxes and those who consume taxes.


Not Going To Bow
A British great-grandmother is under attack by gay activists for living out her Christianity.


When Profit Is A Crime
We no longer seem to know what's right or wrong and it is destroying our freedom.


A Visit with Billy Graham
When Betty and I visited the legendary evangelist last weekend, I remembered the inspiration of this great man of God.


Don't Feed The Foxes
Why is it illegal to feed much of the wildlife in our country and what can we learn from the reality behind these laws?


Rewarding Failure
It's a "fool's bargain" to trade perceived goodies by confiscating the wealth of productive Americans and giving it to the unsuccessful.


Going Up?
Only a foundation of absolute truth will enable us to move in a positive "vertical" direction.


Calm in the Face of Crisis
Panic and fear never work well when making important decisions.


Containing Evil
Like the body controls a virus or cancer, evil must be contained or it will destroy.


When Dreams Come True
If your dreams came true, what impact would they have?


I Am Deeply Concerned
President Obama campaigned on "change," but will it be a good change or a bad change?


Good and Evil
Those who deny the existence of evil disarm us in our struggle to defeat it.


When Weakness Becomes Wickedness
There must be compassion toward weakness, but no compromise with wickedness.


Hope for the New Year
What can we trust in the new year...strength or wealth? Or perhaps something better?


The Uncontroversial Christmas
No activist can rob us of true joy and peace.


Soaring Past Our Fear
It takes knowledge and wisdom to navigate the storms of life.


The Joy of Giving
We shouldn't "give to get," especially around Christmas.


A Grateful Heart
A special Thanksgiving message from James.


Corey the Well Driller
A hard-working small business owner tells his story to the next president.


Let The Church Be The Church
Christians must understand the proper role of the church to impact our world.


The End of a Racist Era
The civil rights struggle can declare a major victory.


What Kind Of Change?
Change should only come as the result of wise choices based on sound principles.


A Light In Dark Times
Finding peace, direction and comfort in dark times.


Investing In Wisdom
We need something better than the wisdom of men, especially during fearful times.


Bad Judgment Brings Judgment
We are reaping what we have sown.


The Truth Behind The Mortgage Crisis
The current financial crisis has been brewing for the last decade.


The Source for Stability and Security
A shaky economy raises tough questions.


Is Our Government Broken?
Government cannot guarantee success in business.


The Greatest People on Earth
Greatness can come in some unusual and unsuspected places.


Talk Is Not Always Cheap
Politicians can talk, but are their words cheap, costly or valuable?


Pray and Participate
People of faith must be involved in the process of choosing our leaders.


Finding Truth in the Debate
Finally, we hear the candidates' principles without the bias of the national media.


The Power of a Focused Mind
Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps illustrates the power of focusing on and achieving a goal.


Batman, Spiderman and the Real Superhero
Fiction mirros the real-life struggle between good and evil, but there is only one true hero.


Only One Messiah
There is only one true Messiah, and he's not a political candidate.


A Hero's Welcome
Though he beat a 4-year-old girl to death, a recently freed man is now a national hero.


One Way Out
Why do Christians claim that Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven?


The Cycle of Poverty
Despite years of aid to Africa, we are still fighting poverty. Is this success or failure?


The Last Independence Day
Liberty without wisdom and virtue is a dangerous thing.


Government: Protector or Provider?
Other than protecting us, what has the government done well?


Peace In The Face Of Tragedy
A young widow faces an unimaginable crime with unshaken grace.


Happy ______ Day
Missing fathers leave empty places; yet, they can be filled.


Where Are The Good Samaritans?
A man in desperate need gets passed by.


Good Judgment or Judgmentalism?
"Judge not, lest ye be judged." Does that mean we can't disagree?


Embracing Jesus
Reflections on a recent trip to the mission field.


A Tribute to Mothers
I have been blessed to observe firsthand six inspirational mothers.


Children Caught in the Middle
I can relate to the children in west Texas who have been taken away from their home.


Does Going "Green" Mean Going Hungry?
People are being sacrificed at the altar of environmentalism.


A Love Letter to Oprah
My admiration for Oprah Winfrey prompts me to address some of her misguided beliefs.


Looking To the Wrong Source
Those who look to "The Hill" in Washington rather than "the hills" in the Bible will only sink deeper into the muck of poverty and dependence.


Here's The Bad News
It's not the news that is getting worse, it's the negative reporting from the news networks.


Wolves In Sheep's Clothing
Ministers of anger, pride, greed and dissention are not ministers of God.


Politicians, Problems and Principles
Politicians can idenfity problems, but what we need are principled solutions.


Never Doubt the Power of Sin
Sin destroys everyone -- from the guy on the corner to the governor of New York.


Is Peace Possible?
What can Christians do to promote peace in Israel?


Itching Ears
Smooth words may soothe our ears, but they don't solve real problems.


My Sweet Betty
As we celebrate our 45th Anniversary, I can't help but honor my wonderful wife.


Joran van der Sloot's Sea of Selfishness
If the Aruban teen's undercover confession is real, he demonstrates the destructiveness of utter self-centeredness.


Principled Leadership
There is a difference in standing for something and leading people toward that belief system.


Deadly Sectarianism
The ongoing violence in Kenya once again illustrates the deadly consequences of sectarianism.


Out-Of-Control Kids
Children need the right kind of discipline to develop the right character.


Seeing Beyond The Tattoos
From Korn to Christianity: Miracles can happen when we care about people.


Dear Britney: A Message To Every Little Girl
What every young girls needs to know about relationships and sexuality.


The Iowa Caucas: What Does It Say?
Likeable candidates won in Iowa, but likeability must not be the sole determining factor for choosing a president.


An Amazing Year
An entertaining reflection on the highlights and feedback from the editor of James' weekly column.


Happy Birthday, Jesus
Return to the true meaning of Christmas to find real life.


Oprah and Obama
Americans should be able to freely express their views.


Why Would Science Fear God?
Some leading scientists attempt to expel intelligence from every area of life.


How 'bout Them Cowboys!
Football illustrates some important principles in life.


Thoughts on Thanksgiving
James reflects on a lifetime of gratitude.


Addictions, Compulsions and Solutions
We must be a lifeline to those drowning in addiction and compulsion.


Soldiers of Freedom
On this Veteran's Day, we honor those who fight for true freedom around the world.


Seeking Wisdom and Guidance
A leader's religious beliefs matter to me, but do they play a part in one's leadership ability?


Standing Together Fighting Fire
The good news from the California wildfires.


The Necessity of National Forgiveness
The Middle East, whether it's the Kurds and Turks or Palestinians and Israelis, need to take a lesson from history in order to find peace.


Looking for the Perfect Guest
I am criticized for interviewing certain guests on television, but when I refuse to talk to anyone who may have a fault, who is left?


Fighting The Culture War
Bill O'Reilly is doing his part to improve the thinking in our society. Are you?


Abusing Freedom
Abusing freedom leads to the loss of freedom.


Answered Prayer
The secret to getting your prayers answered.


Some Things Must Not Be Tolerated
"Tolerance" sounds good, but must everything be permissable?


Quiet Strength
Coach Tony Dungy demonstrates a winning life in Christ.


The Father and the Prodigals
People facing moral challenges need our help, not our judgment.


Michael Vick: The End or a New Beginning?
Does the NFL quarterback have a fighting chance at a better life?


Executing Justice
Failure to uphold the law gets good people killed.


You Can Be As Rich As Bill Gates
You can attain riches greater than any monetary measure.


The Enemy Behind The Enemy
We must deal with those who seek our destruction, while realizing the spiritual power behind all evil.


Dull of Hearing
When it comes to truth, we have a serious hearing problem from the church to the halls of Congress.


If It's Wrong, It's Wrong
Another week, another scandal. But the truth behind the matter never changes.


The Right To Retaliate
Jesus Christ was not a violent man. Yet most Christians feel justified to pursue evil men in pre-emptive or retaliatory strikes. How does one follow Christ's example while supporting aggression?


A Time For Anger
Anger can be useful, if directed in the proper way.


Listen, Speak and Learn
Freedom of speech is valuable, but the ability to listen to others, express the truth and solve problems together is priceless.


Legislating Morality
Presidential contenders share how they implement morality into governing.


Honoring A Godly Woman
Remembering the beautiful and faithful wife of my friend, Billy Graham.


Comfort: We Love It So Much We May Lose It
We risk losing everything when we don't stand on the principles that make everything possible.


The Importance of Political Involvement
Readers want to know how to stop the degeneration of our public schools. Here's where you start...


I Never Thought This Could Happen
A public school forces students to listen to a college professor tell them to have sex with anyone and use drugs.


The Falwell Factor
I knew Jerry well and, despite our differences, respect many things he brought to our culture.


The Immigration Solution
An idea to begin addressing the crisis of illegal workers in our country.


Don't Let The Media Choose Our President
We must not allow the media and poll results to make such important decisions.


The Predator's Approach
Where will our enemies find weakness to attack?


When Evil Manifests
Once again, we witness the expression of a real, spiritual force.


A Masters for the Master
Zack Johnson won the most prestigious tournament in golf while exemplifying the essence of Christianity.


America has problems...but we are not the problem
Those who blame America for their problems fail to admit the truth about their own situations.


A Return To Prayer
From the Continental Congress to the Civil War to September 12, 2001, prayer has been a critical part of our national wellbeing.


No Choice But To Fight
We've been fighting crime in our country for centuries, yet crime rates soar. Should we quit or fight harder?


A Political View of Sin
Some politicians want the gay community's money too much to admit that homosexuality is an immoral act.


Peace in the Middle East: A 50-Year Plan
With military bases still in Germany, Italy, Japan and other nations, how long are we willing to commit to the Middle East?


A Christian Response to Global Warming
Finding a balance between extreme environmentalism and good stewardship of the earth.


Silently Saving Lives
Education and compassion are the new "weapons" in the battle against abortion.


Destruction at the Door
If we retreat, our enemies will advance.


Destroying Division Through Dialogue
A willingness to talk could solve some serious problems.


A Test of Character
If we are more intent on fighting our president than fighting the real enemy, we are in serious trouble.


A Roadmap For The Rest Of Our Lives
Betty and I have experienced many great things in our lifetime, but the best is yet to come.


The Real Promise of Noah
In the dark days of the flood, a life was rescued from the tempest...in New Orleans.


The Terror Behind The Terrorists
We fight those who seek to destroy us, but we cannot ignore the spiritual war that rages behind the scenes.


The Power of Prayer
Pleasant wish or powerful weapon?


The Reason For Giving Thanks
As we reflect on what we're thankful for, let's not forget who we're thankful to.


Human Failures and Unfailing Truth
It doesn't matter who says it -- truth is truth.


Ted Haggard and the Cultural Quake
Once again, those who do not humble themselves in honesty find themselves humiliated.


The Divided States of America
Rediscover the meaning of e pluribus unum -- out of many, one.


The Morality of Stem Cell Research
What should Christians believe when it comes to stem cell research?


Who Will Change The World?
Exercising the freedom to vote can help give hope to future generations.


Praying Down the Korean Wall
Many believe the Berlin Wall was prayed down. Can it have the same effect on Korea?


Kingdom Conflict
The battle of good vs. evil is real and active.


Paralyzed by Polarization
We must stop choosing sides and start solving problems.


Fear Must Not Prevail
Overcoming fear in a frightening world.


Why Would God Bless America?
When we utter the phrase, does it really mean anything?


Defeating Darkness
Darkness can only prevail when no light shines.


The Lessons of Katrina
One year later, have we learned anything?


"Teen Choice" Reflects Our Cultural Crossroads
Pop culture reflects the choices our youth must make.


Time To Talk
Truth withstands debate. So let the conversations begin.


Defining Evil
What is right and what is wrong? Do we each decide what is right in our own eyes?


Christ's Passion for Mel
Mel Gibson helped millions of people experience The Passion of the Christ, but has Gibson experienced the compassion of Jesus Christ?


A Matter of Life or Death
Religion can be dangerous. Especially if it's committed to death, not life.


After the Second Mile
Does following Jesus' example require Christians to sacrifice Middle East peace to the Muslim terrorists?


Turning Enemies Into Allies
Because the United States seeks to spread freedom, even through military conflict, Germany and Japan are now counted as friends.


The Real North Korean Crisis
A few failed missiles are a concern; millions of dying North Koreans are a crisis.


You Can Be As Rich As Bill Gates
Learn the secret to wealth that doesn't rely on finances.


"Bush Looks Like A Terrorist!"
...and Other Observations of the Blind

Those who cannot see the moral superiority of America's military efforts over the barbaric acts of terrorists lack the ability to differentiate between good and evil.


Ann Coulter's Best Points
Despite her over-the-top rhetoric, Coulter's latest book nails the problems with American liberalism and its hold on the Democratic Party.


Radical Gays Gaining Ground
A Christian adoption agency shuts down as a result of activists and judges demanding acceptance of gay marriage.


The Enemy Within
We can spot our enemies on the outside, but to survive the current crisis, we must also defeat the enemy within.


No Tolerance Left
Liberals brand themselves as progressive and enlightened, but their actions belie their rhetoric.


Is Comfort the Right Standard?
America will be judged as either a people given to greedy passion or giving in genuine compassion.


Spiritual Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever
Iran's regime of religious tyranny requires spiritual discernment to effectively combat.


Illegal Immigration: A Humanitarian Crisis
Forget all the other arguments for immigration reform. We must do something about the systematic violation of human rights resulting from our lax policies.


I Also Have A Dream
Dr. King had a dream or racial peace and harmony. I have a dream of peace and harmony for all mankind.


The Line in the Sand
The radical line of Islam will only stop when we refuse to let them advance.


Easter's Message for the Entire World
The hope of Easter will be shared in churches this weekend, but it really needs to be heard outside of religious walls.


Searching for Moderate Islam
We've seen death and destruction from radicals for decades, but we'd like to see the moderates take a stand.


We Appreciate You...Do YOU Appreciate U.S.?
America respects immigrants who come here to live and work in freedom and liberty. They must show the same respect for us.


Honoring Our Troops
Though we can debate the decisions of politicians, we must always support our troops and not encourage our enemies.


Compassion With Passion
ABC television has shown us how exciting it can be to meet the needs of others.


Father Clooney and the First Church of Hollywood
Forget Scientology. The new religion of the Left Coast is Hollywood itself.


The Honest Abortion Debate
Before we can talk about states' rights, women's rights or any other rights, we must first discuss when human rights begin for a child.


Break Away or Break Down
Everyone -- from the President on down -- needs to take time to step back from the pressures of everyday life.


Finding God in a Cardboard Box
We ask God to be a part of what's important to us, but the wiser decision is to be a part of what's important to God.


What Kind Of God Is This?
Intolerance, hatred and murder in the name of God. But what kind of God calls on mankind to kill and destroy?


Finding Faith in a Fallen City
While politicians bicker over the recovery of New Orleans, the faith community has begun to bring real healing in the city.


Humility or Humiliation?
America will learn some lessons, but we need not be humiliated in order to learn them.


When Homosexuality and Christianity Collide
A new movie tells one of the greatest stories of Godly love, but the lead actor is gay. What's a Christian to do?


Our Hearing Problem
Judge Alito's "hearings" prove that leaders can dialogue, but never hear each other's heart.


The New Compassion Movement
A rock star, a rich man and me -- all doing our part to change the world.


Christians Can't Be Silent At Christmas
Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, whether you like it or not.


The University of Closed-Mindedness
Is science really science when it closes its eyes to all of the possibilities?


Why Give Thanks?
President Lincoln helped to establish what Thanksgiving really means to Americans.


Destroying Division Through Dialogue
There's a lot of "talk" these days, but very little constructive conversation.


Exposing the Real Enemy
James Robison exposes the real enemy beneath the world's crises.


Stop the Assault on Marriage
Voters must stand up for their beliefs as homosexual groups seek to expand the definition of marriage beyond "one man and one woman."


Remembering Rosa
Rosa Parks stood for dignity and self-respect -- two traits lost among many of the people for whom she fought.

The Path To Peace
It has been said that if we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. But there is one historical pattern that we would be wise to repeat: national forgiveness.
Sinking Moral Leadership
As if New Orleans lacked a sound moral foundation, Mayor Ray Nagin suggests "bold leadership" means rebuilding in the image of Sin City.
DeLaying the Politics of Personal Destruction
Congressman Tom DeLay has been accused of wrongdoing, but neither his guilt nor innocence has been proved. So why does the public get the impression that he's already been convicted?
Affirmative Opportunity
With the appropriate action, we can rebuild the Gulf States while building better bridges across racial, social and economic chasms.
A Seed of Suffering
The cycle of human suffering seems unending. What is the single root cause of this manmade plague?
The Church's Finest Hour
The main problem in the world is not Mother Nature, but human nature. This is where the church can have a far greater impact than government.
Beyond The Blame
If America doesn't respond properly to the current disaster, it will only be the beginning of our real crisis.
Building on Higher Ground
Was Hurricane Katrina God's judgment on a nation, or simply a lesson in the laws of nature?
"Minister Calls for Assassination"... Whaaat?
Pat Robertson's assassination proclamation was simply foolish.
Land For People
"Land For Peace" will never buy security for Israel or happiness for Palestinians. But what about "Land For People?"
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness... In That Exact Order
These three foundational concepts are not equal. Until we understand how they build upon one another, we will suffer the negative results of disorder.
The Miracle of Medicine
Two news stories this week illustrate the powerful possibilities when medical science is committed to life.
The Protection of Divine Providence
Throughout history "the hand of God" has delivered people from evil and oppression. We still need that protection today.
Cashing In on Fear and Anger
Why the hysteria over a moderate Supreme Court pick? Follow the money!
Bordering On Desperation
Violence on America's border prompts a unique approach to mixing God and government.
Africa's Real Hope
Governments can work with governments, but compassionate people will overcome hunger, poverty and disease.
The Supreme Court on the Supreme Being
Hey, if you don't like the Ten Commandments, don't read them!
Purging God from the Military
The American media's all-out assault on Christianity continues to escalate. The latest attack comes in this week's TIME Magazine.
An Open Letter To Michael Jackson
While the rest of the world debates the verdict of the pop star's trial, James speaks from his heart directly to the man.
Change The World One Life At A Time
When we make a difference in the life of one person, we set in motion the potential to change the world.
Tearing Down The Supreme Court
The case of a cross in the Mojave Desert sets the stage for the dismantling of many national monuments.
Conservative: The New Extreme?
When did the common sense of mainstream America become a sinister part of the "right-wing conspiracy?"
Porn: The Poison of the Mind
While America is vigilantly fighting the war against international terrorism, another enemy is engaging in an alarming assault on our families.
Tearing Down Walls of Separation
The axe used to separate church and state has fallen once again. Yet people of faith must speak out, even if it affects the political landscape.
An Invitation To Pray
Since the Continental Congress asked the colonies to pray for wisdom in forming a nation in 1775, the call to prayer has resounded throughout our history.
Speaking of Religion and Politics...
American history is filled with religious leaders influencing the political landscape. Despite contemporary pressure to the contrary, people of faith must continue to speak out.
Into His Hands
The case of murder victim Sarah Lunde, while devastating and tragic, reveals how a church can impact a life when fulfilling its purpose.
Defending Marriage
The best act in the defense of marriage is a supernatural love that serves as an example to the rest of the world
The Pope, Truth and Freedom's Hope
During all of the news coverage surrounding the life and death of Pope John Paul II, an important historical parallel struck me...
Debating Moral Issues
Can we discuss social issues rooted in morality in a constructive manner? Yes -- and here's how to do it!
The Issue Is Life
The Terri Schiavo case is far more serious than many of us realize. On every level, we are dealing with the sanctity of life.
Touched By An Angel
A man's murder spree ended when he met a woman with God's purpose in her life.
Whose Eyes, Watching What God?
Millions of eyes watched Halle Berry in Oprah's ABC movie, but did anyone actually get a glimpse of God?
The Award For Best Act Of Kindness Goes To...
Hollywood sure knows how to waste money, but many in the entertainment industry are poised to become true stars.
Ideas Have Consequences
Bush met with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week and confronted some of his dangerous ideas. Why? Because he understands this fundamental truth.
Defining Moral Absolutes
Despite the modern cancer of relativism, right and wrong can be discerned. However, we must look beyond our own human judgment to a higher standard.
Media Hypocrisy
The media actively promote excessive sexual behavior. But as soon as a conservative or religious leader can be tied in any such way to such material, it suddenly becomes wrong.
Voting For Freedom
A spark of hope may ignite the flame of freedom in the Middle East; yet, many in our own country still don't see the light.
The Danger of Believing a Lie
Freedom can only exist in people who uphold truth. Otherwise, destruction awaits.
Another Wave of Suffering
We would have stopped the tsunami if we could have, but will we act to stop the next wave of human suffering?
Trampling Religious Freedom
The guy who sued your government to remove "one nation under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance is at it again. This time, he is suing the President to prevent any clergy from uttering a prayer at next week's inauguration.
What Money Can't Buy
With billions of dollars pledged to the recovery and rebuilding in areas devastated by the Christmas tsunami, it is time to take a break in the donation frenzy and address some serious issues.
Though They Hate Us, We Will Help
As the president of a relief organization operating in parts of Asia impacted by the tsunami, James Robison's view on the politicization of the relief efforts is unique. 
Demonstrating Christmas
This year, my friends and co-laborers showed the true meaning of Christmas.
Failure or Prepared for Service?
The rise and fall of Cabinet nominee Bernard Kerik raises important questions about the qualifications of our leader.
Joy To The World
While we celebrate a prosperous holiday season, we would do right to remember those with real needs.
The End of Biased Journalism
With the end of the "Dan Rather" era, we can only hope that blatant media bias will also fade into history.
America: Founded On Faith
We prepare to follow President Lincoln's proclamation to "observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens."
A Message from "Jesus Land"
Conservative, religious, "red-staters" re-elected Bush. What do we expect in return?
Bridging The Divide
America must unite once again in order to deal with international terror and domestic issues.
God Blessed America!
Now that the election is over, how should the victors behave and move forward for the next four years?
11/2/04: America's Heart Check
Election day will do more than determine our leaders. It will reveal in many ways the moral, mental and spiritual health of our nation.
Kerry's Misuse of the "L" Word
Under the guise of a compliment, John Kerry and John Edwards have made it a point to let America know that Vice President Cheney has a daughter living the gay lifestyle.
On The Frontline of Media Bias
PBS interviewed me for a Frontline special, but my message was completely ignored as they carried out their own partisan political agenda.
A Word To A Dying Soldier
A minister on the battle grounds of the Middle East reports the truth about what's going on with our soldiers and the people of Iraq.
The Hedge of Protection
Our borders are so porous that nobody really knows who's coming into our country. So how can we find protection?
Give To Get?
Televangelists are making news again with a message contrary to to charity. What's the right way to look at "giving"?
Choosing a Future
This year's election is about more than a political personality. It's about the future of our country and the world.
God Bless America?
Virtually every politician invokes these words, but does America deserve God's blessing?
The Face of Anger
The violent and vulgar anti-Bush protesters in New York City remind us why we don't want to be on their side.
Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling
For too long women have been held back from leadership roles in the church. Now, they are taking center stage and strengthening society as a whole.
Free To Compete
The freedom to speak our minds is valuable; the ability to speak constructively is priceless.
When Free Speech Costs Too Much
The freedom to speak our minds is valuable; the ability to speak constructively is priceless.
One Nation, Indivisible
While we divide ourselves amongst political, economic and social lines, the rest of the world, including our enemies, still see us as one nation.
Real Hope Lies in the Church
Since the beginning of our Republic, the Church has been one of the cornerstones of American life.
The Other War: Fighting Violence and Despair Within
Gang violence is on the rise in cities across America. How can we fight the hopelessness that threatens our country from within?
What Is Freedom?
We are winning the "War on Terror," but what would it really mean to lose this battle?
Party, Personality, Pocketbook or Principle
Campaign season has begun. What will motivate voters in this year's election?
One Nation Under God
From the Founding Fathers through our current President, God and Christianity has been an important part of our leaders' lives.
Bill Clinton -- Has He Changed?
He's writing his own history in his new autobiography, but has the former president really won the battle with his "personal demons"?
Measuring Our Enemies' Response
Can our success in the war on terror be measured in part by the response of our enemies?
Remembering Reagan
Before he claimed the White House, Ronald Reagan personally claimed my respect.
Going the Distance
A wounded Army engineer teaches us about courage and endurance.
Moving Beyond Democracy
As the leading force for freedom around the world, our goal must be something more than promoting simple majority rule.
Fighting Terrorism with Love
At a time when the world is focused on the struggles in Iraq, America is quietly fighting the war on terror on another front.
While the anti-war crowd expresses "outrage" over the hazing of Iraqi criminals, Nick Berg's brutal murder reminds us again of the real outrage.
Changing the World for Good
The abuses in the Iraqi prison illustrate the fact that America cannot change the world for good unless America herself is good.
Let Them March
Half a million abortion advocates marched on Washington, yet their movement is losing ground.  How should the pro-life majority move forward to win the hearts and minds of America?
The Media's Plan of Attack
The election year assault on conservatives has begun. But some of the attacks are more than just partisan.  They are an attack on the traditional faith in "Divine Providence."
It's About Freedom
The enemies of freedom are systematically attempting to intimidate the world into backing down from the fight currently underway in the Middle East, but we must stand for freedom at all costs.
The Sadr Solution
Like an infection in the human body, Moqtada Sadr must be eliminated because he and his Mehdi Army threaten the health of Iraq and the Middle East.
Defending the Indefensible
When allegiance to ideology forces people to defend a drug-abusing mother who poisons her infant, something is terribly wrong.
Subtle Shifts in the Homosexuality Debate
As Episcopals attempt to deal with gay clergy, the press and others are trying to win with the power of words.
The Consequences of Fear
The forces of fear won a victory in Spain last week, turning the elections in their favor and foreshadowing a frightening trend in future terrorism.
We Must Never Forget
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, revealed much about America and her people -- both good and bad. Now the lessons we learned seem to be fading from memory.
The Only Hope for Haiti
There is just one way for the people of Haiti to escape their perpetual cycle of violence and corruption.
The Purpose of His Passion
Look beyond the blame game when it comes to who killed Jesus Christ and discover the real reason for his suffering.
The New Civil Rights: Equating Race and Sexual Preference
If sex is not a matter of choice, then no sexual act is subject to moral or legal judgment.
Believers Must Fight on the Right Front
Monuments can be removed, but truths written on the hearts of men will stand forever.
CBS Fumbles the Superbowl Show
Millions of people around the world witnessed the worst of America.
A Choice of Life or Death
History is repeating itself in the Middle East.  After being delivered from slavery, the Israelites were given a choice: life or death.  Now, the Iraqis must make the same choice following their liberation.
Standing For Abstinence
Half of Congress sat on their hands when President Bush promoted abstinence as an option for teenage sexual activity.  What will the American people stand for?
Loving Our Enemies
The recent earthquake in Iran gave America an unique opportunity to show compassion towards the people of a so-called "enemy" state.
On The Ballot This Year: Freedom
In this election year, will the voters trade security, comfort and politicians' promises for personal freedom?
Home For The Holidays
Christmas proves once again the importance of family.
Iraq the Headless Chicken
A Colorado farmer's freak fowl can guide us in the war against Saddam's regime.
Putting "Christ" Back In "Christmas"
In an age when God is being separated from many aspects of public life, there are a few things we can do to remember the real reason for the holiday season.
Terminating The Republican Right
Does Schwarzenegger's victory in California signify the end of the Reagan-era marriage of family values and limited government?
Racing To The Bench
Judge Janice Rogers Brown, a conservative, black woman, faces a new brand of racism in her nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.
Our Moment Of Truth
Long before that fateful September 11 morning, another deadly attack was launched against our freedom...
The President's Model For Faith-Based Initiatives
President Bush came to Dallas to endorse one model for faith-based initiatives.  James Robison participated in the event and comments on the possibilities.
The Parable of the Good American
Third world conditions in America?  Yes!  But we can do something about it.
Beyond The Politics Of Addiction
Rush Limbaugh's shocking revelation of prescription drug abuse, should not divide us politically, but unite us behind a common goal: finding a solution to all drug addiction.
The Right To Retaliate
Jesus Christ was not a violent man.  Yet most Christians feel justified to pursue evil men in pre-emptive or retaliatory strikes.  How does one follow Christ's example while supporting Bush's policy?
A Democracy Of Terror
While we fight for democracies around the world, we must be sure to establish a moral foundation to avoid mob rule...
Hijacking Family Values
The television networks' fall lineup entertains while reprogramming our society's definition of morality...
Remembering The Man In Black
Johnny Cash was a friend who strove to honor Jesus Christ as he entertained the world...
Reclaiming the Spirit of September 12
In the weeks following the terrorist attacks, America and the world showed uncommon compassion and strength.  We must reclaim that Spirit.
Facing Pure Evil
The world has never faced a war or enemy such as the one we now face. It is far bigger than Iraq or al-Qaeda.
What Ever Happened To Sin?
There is an old-fashioned idea that many civil, political and even church leaders disregard. Some refuse to acknowledge its existence at all.
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