Racing to the Bench:

A Conservative Black Woman Faces New Obstacles  


Here's a name you need to know: Janice Rogers Brown. She is currently a member of the California Supreme Court and the nominee to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. She is the daughter of an Alabama sharecropper and is supported by the Bush administration. That means she is female, black and conservative.

What a bad combination for liberals.

Judge Brown is not a quota. In fact, many believe she is overqualified for the Court of Appeals. She qualifies for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. But being black, female and conservative, she faces many obstacles. Not the obstacles of old -- Jim Crow laws, racist governors or pepper-spray wielding policemen -- but the obstacles of the new, post-civil rights era: Democrats.

Robert L. Woodson Sr., the founder and president of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (and a man I greatly admire for his courage, truthfulness and genuine compassion), recently released a statement regarding Judge Brown's nomination.  He could not be more correct in his analysis of the situation:

"There is now emerging a new political correctness in which black malfeasance is tolerated without comment, but conservative views are attacked. The Congressional Black Caucus and NAACP are more angry at Judge Janice Brown than they were when a black former Congressman went to jail for child sexual abuse, or a black mayor was caught smoking crack in a hotel room with a woman other than his wife, or a black leader fathered a baby in adultery. They said nothing when pre-teen children were being peddled on the streets of Atlanta by black pimps, or when the leader of the largest black religious church association spent money on his mistress that had been donated to restore burnt black churches.

"Today we have a new high-tech racism. All the symbols and language are being inverted against those who depart from the liberal Democratic agenda. Their real target is not just Justice Brown. It is the black students, the black scholars, and any who would depart from the liberal Democratic script. They are putting them on notice: We will come after you. We will silence conservative voices in the black community.

"Holding a political view that is conservative is now more egregious, more dangerous, than criminal or immoral behavior.

"Far from seeking justice, they use the race issue as a spear to attack anyone who has a philosophy different from their own. And they use it as a shield against anyone who challenges their misdeeds. They distort and mutilate the democratic processes that are the foundation of this country simply to achieve their own goals.

"Justice Janice Brown deserves a vote from the full Senate on her nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. She is more than qualified. What is happening to Justice Brown is grave evidence of a form of bigotry that is as dangerous as any that has ever been seen before in this country. Bigotry must be confronted, regardless of the color of its originator."

Pretty strong words from a veteran fighter in the civil rights movement. Mr. Woodson is absolutely right. Judge Brown deserves the bench seat, regardless of gender or race. But the fact that a black woman would be treated so unmercifully and so brutally by some members of Congress and high-profile "leaders" should raise great concern.

As Mr. Woodson says, "The race hatemongers must be stopped. They are un-American, and they can't be allowed to do what they are doing to deserving Americans. Justice Janice Brown deserves a vote from the full Senate."

Spoken like a true leader.

Author: James Robison

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Reference Article: Robert Woodson's official statement

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