Humility or Humiliation?


Our enemies seek to humiliate us, but we can prevail with humility.

For many years I have been alarmed about the course of our nation. America, and indeed much of the free world, has not learned the lessons of history. We reside in "the land of the free," yet many people live as slaves to out-of-control appetites and selfish desires. Throughout history, such decadent practices have produced horrendous results. 

As I have watched trends in attitudes and actions over my lifetime, I have witnessed a deterioration of the foundations upon which this great country was built. We are, like the fallen culture of Rome, headed for an implosion.

But I don't want us to get what we deserve. I cry out for mercy for me, my family members, friends and everyone -- even those who chose to be our enemies. The Bible says that God does not want "anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance." This is my deepest desire, too. I want people to turn from their destructive ways before their lives collapse or get crushed.

I am convinced that brokenness will come to America. The choice is ours: humility or humiliation! If our homeland is hit again, whether by a series of terrorist attacks or chemical, biological or nuclear weapons, our population will beg for peace -- not just national or world peace, but peace within. As in the days after 9/11, we will realize that life is precious and that people, not material things, matter most. Our focus will once again be on love, relationships, family, joy, compassion and helping others.

A change of heart and direction will take place in this nation. Brokenness will lead to true character, determination, selflessness and a sincere desire to know and do what is right, regardless of the cost or sacrifice. Husbands will cherish their wives. Wives will honor their husbands. Parents will place a premium on their role in the lives of their children. Businessmen will strive to make honorable deals and not just a quick buck. Politicians will place the good of the country above their party or the polls. Churches will seek to build communities, not to raise more walls. Judges won't be able to keep God out of people's public lives.

The line distinguishing good and evil will be as distinct as day and night. It will be as different as terrorists flying airplanes into towers, killing unsuspecting people of all nations and races, compared to those brave souls risking their own lives to rescue them. It will be as clear as the difference between suicide bombers killing innocent school children and the compassionate relief workers who strive to ease suffering around the world. There is the force of evil on one side and life-enriching righteousness on the other. We cannot continue to deny that evil is a reality and defend it as a mere difference of opinion.

These are some of the lessons of humiliation, but we need not be humiliated in order to learn them. We can humbly choose to return to the absolute truths that made this country great and abandon the selfish and perverse practices that threaten our security.

We must have God's power and protection in order to miss our enemies' plans for us. Without this divine miracle, unparalleled, indescribable devastation is coming to our shores -- truly "the sum of all fears."

Only right relationships with God will produce the necessary resolve to fight the right fight in the right way. It is only through commitment to righteous principles that we will have the character to make the sacrifices necessary to protect and preserve the priceless aspects of life.

It is not too late for America. We are in the middle of the culture war for the hearts and minds of our people, especially those of the next generation. But it is not enough for good people to curse the darkness. Those who love and care for our nation must stand up and shine the bright light of truth in order to dispel the encroaching shadows of deception.

America will be broken, either at the humiliating hands of our enemies or through a humble sorrow for our own wickedness. We can avoid untold suffering by admitting our faults and amending our ways or we can learn the harsh lessons that an evil world anxiously awaits to teach us. The choice is ours.

Author: James Robison

Word Count: 722

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, an international humanitarian aid ministry; host of the television program, Life Today; and author of The Absolutes.

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