Spiritual Leadership Needed Now More Than Ever


Insecure Borders

Iran's president rules with religious tyranny.

Liberals can assert "separation of church and state" all they want, but in contemporary times America's leadership must be spiritually sensitive to deal with the threats of this world.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wrote a lengthy, rambling letter to President Bush this week chiding the leader of the free world for alleged violations of Christian tenets.

"Can one be a follower of Jesus Christ...and make 'War and Terror' his slogan?" the fundamentalist leader asked. He continued by mischaracterizing everything that America has stood for since its inception over 200 years ago.

"A regime has been established which does not show mercy even to kids, destroys houses while the occupants are still in them, announces beforehand its list and plans to assassinate Palestinian figures and keeps thousands of Palestinians in prison," Ahmadinejad wrote. "Such a phenomenon is unique -- or at the very least extremely rare -- in recent memory. Another big question asked by people is why is this regime being supported? Is support for this regime in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ or Moses or liberal values?"

Such brazen hypocrisy and criticism has not been witnessed since the Reichstag Fire. Ahmadinejad embodies everything worrisome in a radical leader: his ingrained "God complex," his convoluted interpretation of history, and a fanatical disassociation with current events.

"September 11 was not a simple operation," Ahmadinejad wrote, alluding to the popular Middle Eastern belief that the United States and Israel faked the entire terrorist attacks as an excuse to meddle in Arab affairs. "Could it be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services - or their extensive infiltration?"

This deep-seated spiritual disillusionment cannot be effectively combated without an equally sound understanding of spiritual truth. Religious fanaticism is dangerous, but it cannot be combated by atheism or agnosticism. It must be countered by deeper spiritual understanding.

President Bush has personally told me that Jesus Christ is as real to him as any living person. Most of our presidents have professed similar beliefs. That solid spiritual relationship must carry our nation through these difficult times. Extremists like Ahmadinejad will attempt to hide behind religious rhetoric, but shrewd leadership will be able to effectively combat such deceit.

"If prophet Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Ishmael, Joseph or Jesus Christ were with us today, how would they have judged such behaviour?" Ahmadinejad asked, as if his own tyrannical leadership, subjugation of women, suppression of basic human rights, and pursuit of nuclear weaponry were non-existent.

On Thursday, he reiterated his "wipe Israel off the map" stance by calling the nation "a tyrannical regime that will one day be destroyed." Ahmadinejad's arrogance and aggression harkens back to that famous Philistine who tried to destroy the people of Israel. Iran is a regional Goliath compared to Israel, but as long as there is a righteous David with the courage to stand up to violent bullies, we have hope that tyranny will not prevail.

America's historic efforts to "separate" church and state have been in response to the dangers of such democratically elected administrations as Ahmadinejad's. But the only way that we will ever be able to overcome such a seductive and deceptive persona will be through wise, spiritually-sensitive leadership.

Author: James Robison

Word Count: 537

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, an international humanitarian aid ministry; host of the television program, Life Today; and author of The Absolutes.

Media Contact: Randy Robison, editor at jamesrobison.net

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