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Christ's Passion for Mel 08/03/2006

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson doesn't need condemnation; he needs close, committed Christian friends.

We've all seen it by now: Mel Gibson, conservative Catholic Christian and creator of the magnificent and moving film The Passion of the Christ, in a drunken mug shot after a shameful, anti-Jewish tirade. Though some people seem to be enjoying Mel's downfall, most of us are saddened by his situation. But there is one who is more concerned with his plight than anyone else: the person who was the subject of his great film.

When I watched The Passion of the Christ, I was moved to tears. Yet, I also felt that Gibson missed a key point regarding the compassion of Christ. Yes, Jesus suffered; but he also delivered. He endured great pain on behalf of mankind. In doing so, he bought freedom for all of us -- freedom from our destructive habits and imprisoning addictions.

To me, the most profound moment in the movie was when Jesus, while stumbling under the weight of the cross, said to his mother, "Remember, I make all things new." I wept because this person -- fully man and fully God -- made my life new. Without His compassion, it could have been me in that mug shot.

This is the Savior whose help Mel Gibson desperately needs.

Clearly, Gibson knows that money, fame and power do not bring personal fulfillment and freedom. Some of the most powerful men in the word have been brought down by one weakness or another. Many rich men have died miserable, lonely and spiritually poor. This talented actor and cultural icon has hit bottom, but it's not too late to for him to rise up and become a greater man than he could ever imagine.

Confession is a cardinal characteristic of the Christian faith and must take place with Gibson. But beyond that, he needs Christians who will not condemn him, but come alongside him as he walks in a deeper realization of his professed faith. Religion may help him clean up his reputation, but a consuming relationship with a living God will transform his entire being.

Organizations like Alcoholic's Anonymous can help people take the proper steps to sobriety, but Jesus Christ is the way to true freedom. Gibson is right to ask forgiveness of the Jewish community and work with them to eradicate any ingrained bigotry, but he must also seek help from those who put faith in the Christ that he depicted on screen.

Believers should not defend his actions or remarks, but they can extend a hand to help him find deliverance from the forces that seek to destroy him. Through the power of Jesus Christ, any sinner can overcome sin -- even Mel Gibson.

Author: James Robison               Randy Robison

Word Count: 442

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, an international humanitarian aid ministry; host of the television program, Life Today; and author of The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope.

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