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A Test of Character
by James Robison


Our decisions at this moment in history will determine our future security, as well as that of the entire free world. If we are more intent on fighting a political leader, a president or a party, than we are in fighting the real enemy, we are in serious trouble. Many people's true character is revealed when winning an election becomes more important than winning a war. If we bend in Iraq or anywhere the enemy challenges freedom, our resolve and character will be tested in our own communities.

The British are fighting terrorism on their soil. We learned this week that Islamists planned to capture a Muslim who served in the British military, then post video footage on the internet of his torture and beheading. What kind of people want to be a member of this movement?

The whole world needs to take a hard look at the nature of the truly evil enemy we now face. The strengths and weaknesses of societies are revealed through severe tests and challenges. America is great because of our goodness, our acts of compassion and our sincere interest in the well-being of others.

I continually witness the greatness of people as the viewers of LIFE Today demonstrate unselfishness and compassion through mission outreaches around the world. I marvel at the children who focus on helping others, like an 11-year-old California boy who drew pictures to sell in order to help drill a water well in a desolate part of Africa. The pastor of his church displayed these pictures and made additional prints, helping the young boy reach his goal of $4,800 for the water well.

This type of dedication and love comes from highly successful businessmen, middle-class families and those on low, fixed incomes. Their hearts of compassion prompt them to reach out to others to help relieve suffering. This is the greatness of any society.

These people demonstrate the qualities necessary to face present and future challenges. In a democracy, principles matter. People committed to righteous principles, rather than selfish policies, can prevail over the evil in this world. The question is: Are they in the majority?

When you then hear leaders apologizing for the defense of our nation and the attempt to share freedom's benefits, you have to wonder if our brave armed servicemen and their families are asking, "Did I serve foolishly and in vain? Have I been wasted?"

Our brave soldiers make it possible for protestors to openly misbehave. But it's hard to conceive the mindset of someone who spit on a veteran amputee who simply said that such protests hurt those in the military.

When you look at the people, including Hollywood entertainers, who marched on Washington D.C. last week, you really have to wonder if their foolish mentality is the same that will determine our leaders' decisions. These people appear to savor the idea that a severely burned or maimed member of our military will spend the rest of his or her life believing, "I've been crippled or burned for an evil cause."

I know for a fact that our resistance to the evil and atrocities committed by religious extremists in the Middle East was not initiated out of deceit, pride or greed. We went into Iraq with a sincere desire to protect our future, liberate the oppressed and stop the hording of wealth by a brutal dictator.

The enemy we witnessed on 9/11 manifests daily in the Middle East. Hitler was one evil man influencing many others. Today, we face hundreds, if not thousands, of "Hitlers" possessed by a zeal to kill those who do not conform to their extreme beliefs.

Many underestimated this enemy. Mistakes have been made. But we must continue to resist, even when the people we seek to liberate have difficulty living in peace. It may be difficult to bring sanity to a society committed to insane acts, but sound principles can eventually prevail.

Believers must continually pray for supernatural guidance. This is our only hope for deliverance and security. Men with strong character must determine the right fight and conduct it in the right manner, but we must look beyond mere man if we are going to make the correct decisions.


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Author: James Robison

Word Count: 700

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity.

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