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Don't Let The Media Choose Our President
by James Robison


Gov. Mike Huckabee at the California presidential debate.

Beware of media manipulation. Right now, some journalists, reporters and media executives are positioning candidates in the order of their preference. The "serious" candidates get exposure while the rest only garner attention when they stir up trouble. I watched this last night during MSNBC's Republican debate.

Most of the time was spent on the "top three" candidates (Romney, Giuliani and McCain) and the one loose cannon, 1988 Libertarian candidate Ron Paul. Much time was wasted on shameless promotion of a website sponsor, which posted pre-written questions and asked people to "vote" on the questions, which were then presented as questions from the public. That sort of manipulation isn't even subtle!

Moderator Chris Matthews seemed more interested in creating controversy than giving the voter the opportunity to hear the candidates share their beliefs and positions concerning various issues. How can you get to know someone when you demand a simple "yes" or "no" response to a ridiculously loaded question like, "Will you work to protect women's rights, as in fair wages and reproductive choice?"

In this manipulative media machine, the most qualified candidate may not only be overlooked, but cunningly ignored or avoided. Such is the case with one man who deserves careful consideration and evaluation.

Governor Mike Huckabee is undoubtedly a qualified leader. He is a man guided by the principles that have made our nation great: strong states and limited federal government, the family as the secure cornerstone of our society, and a strong personal faith.

Long before governing the state of Arkansas for over 10 years, Mike Huckabee worked for me in our evangelistic ministry. I know him well and respect him greatly. He stepped into the spotlight quite suddenly in 1996 when Governor Jim Guy Tucker received a felony conviction in the famous Clinton Whitewater scandal. As Lieutenant Governor, the duties fell to Huckabee, who not only served, but excelled. The people liked him so much that he garnered a higher percentage of the 1998 vote than any previous Republican gubernatorial nominee. Again, in 2002, the voters reaffirmed his leadership and he served until 2006. His leadership in areas of technology, education and healthcare gained him national attention and Time Magazine honored him as one of the five best governors in America. You wouldn't know it by listening to the media, but Huckabee placed second in a March 2007 poll in Iowa, behind Romney and ahead of Giuliani.

He is a man who can set the agenda for the 2008 election, if given the opportunity. He offers real solutions to the critical issues of our time. He holds deep convictions, yet knows how to listen to opposing viewpoints. He will not be swayed by public interest groups or manipulated by the media.

These are the proven qualities that we need in our next president. Leaders must have credentials to confirm the convictions they claim. The track record in life and public service reveals who they really are, not who they are trying to be.

Our next president must have what Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln possessed -- the ability to publicly communicate and inspire the nation to make right choices, move in the right direction and resolutely stand by the wise decisions of our leaders.

Our next president must understand the imperative of rebuilding relationships with other nations to elevate the reputation of America throughout the world. Governor Huckabee has said that we are great people because we have continually expressed acts of compassion toward developing nations and willingly sacrificed to defend the freedom of others throughout the world. We must build upon this history of selfless leadership.

A great leader will also understand the importance of protecting the most innocent life: the child in the womb. Life must be valued and that value must be effectively communicated to the women who make the life-or-death choice for their children.

We will shape our world for future generations when we go to the polls in 2008, but the names on the ballots will be determined this year. Our founding fathers, with wisdom from above, put the power in the hands of the people. We must not be manipulated into allowing the media and poll results to make the decision for us. Listen carefully to all of the candidates and support one with the ability to lead with conviction and effective communication.


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Author: James Robison

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About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity.

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