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Dear Britney: A Message For Every Little Girl 01/11/2008

Britney Spears

Britney needs a complete heart change to avoid destruction.

Britney Spears' troubled life breaks my heart. It is tragic to see young women so exploited and manipulated. I have long tried to communicate to young people the natural attitude of boys toward girls. Sexual attraction is natural, yet can often be expressed in an unhealthy fashion. Girls need to understand that most boys will go as far as they will allow them to go. Only a rare young man will fight off an aggressive girl. Boys, and even grown men, seldom tell a seductive woman to stop!

Of course, boys should be able to control their appetites and desires, however difficult it may be. But many boys do not have a father who instills in them a proper attitude toward women, sexuality and the respect that they should bestow upon all women.

Today's society unmercifully exploits an unhealthy sexual attitude. The lack of moral fortitude in the entertainment community only adds to the instability of marriage and damaged relationships. This moral uncertainty, combined with various addictions rampant among celebrities, imprisons Britney Spears and many like her. The sick cycle of media attention keeps pop personalities in the limelight, but it is an empty substitute for true love.

I have always had a sensitive place in my heart for women because I lived so much of my childhood with a single mother who had lost her father when she was a young girl and suffered repeated exploitation by men who showed her no respect. I saw firsthand the pain it caused.

Britney was such a cute child actor. As she grew into a pop star, the instability of her life manifested into an almost typical Hollywood nightmare. She flaunts everything that should be sacred. It really breaks my heart. Tragically, so many girls appear to be following her example -- perhaps not as visibly and notoriously, but nevertheless trapped in a world where sexuality takes the place of real love.

Hugh Hefner capitalized on the Playboy philosophy, which promoted the sexual voyeurism of more ordinary women. His television show is actually called The Girls Next Door. Our society seems to have made a sick transformation during my lifetime. It used to be that fathers encouraged modesty and fought against their daughters becoming the "girl next door" that uncontrolled boys fantasized about. Now, it seems that some fathers (if they are even around) are not disturbed when their own daughters become an object of sexual exploitation. The damage that this attitude causes cannot be ignored.

Britney and all of those caught by this deceptive mindset must be told the truth and offered deliverance from this destruction. Jewish writer Steve Almond, author of Not That You Asked, talked about his desire to see his daughter, Josephine, rise above the objectification of young girls.

"I want Josephine to grow up in a world where her ambitions will be about what she wants, not what the panting men of the world want from her. My daughter is not a commodity. Her heart can be broken. Her spirit can be wounded and there is no accessory from this danger. Which brings me to a rule (along with others) for my daughter that I plan to enforce: Josephine can do anything she likes with her life so long as she asks herself first, 'Is this behavior worthy of the love I deserve?'"

Great question and appropriate concern. We need to impress upon our children -- boys and girls alike -- that true love is far better than sexual gratification or exploitation. Britney needed to learn this while she was still performing on The New Mickey Mouse Club. Obviously, fame and fortune does not automatically come with a firm foundation of wisdom and integrity to handle it. Sadly, Britney's younger sister appears to be making some of the same mistakes. If they don't get help and healing now, these patterns will likely repeat themselves.

As parents and concerned Christians, we need to lift up every young girl who faces the pressures of this world. Betty and I invite you to join us in prayer that Britney would find the help she obviously needs. May God bless all the little girls, wives, mothers and grandmothers in this world. You are special beyond worlds. I am deeply sorry that many of you have been mistreated by weak men who fail to provide the strength, encouragement and example that you well deserve.

Author: James Robison

Word Count: 738

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity. Media Contact: Randy Robison, editor at

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