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Only One Messiah 08/01/2008

Samir Kuntar

There is only one true Messiah,
and he's not a political candidate


Here we are in one of the longest-running presidential campaigns in U.S. history. In many ways it has become a media circus, as accusations are thrown in every direction. Many Christians ask me what their primary responsibility should be. I respond immediately, “Pray for the wisdom of God, along with His direction and protection.”

It is important to recognize that no candidate, however gifted he or she may be, is the true hope for America. There is so much excitement about Senator Barak Obama that the atmosphere around him is electric, magnetic and captivating. He is unquestionably an effective communicator and certainly committed to winning this election. Many refer to him as a “messiah figure.” He reportedly told House Democrats this week, "I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions."

After touring in the Middle East, comedian Jon Stewart quipped that the Senator should have gone to Bethlehem and visited his birthplace. It drew laughter, but the fact remains that many people really do look to a politician as the answer to all of our problems. Obama often refers to “his policies,” when in fact he has not established any policies; he has only expressed his opinion. But believe this: if he is president, his opinions and guiding beliefs will impact the policies that govern the American people.

It is wonderful that an individual of minority race can openly and effectively run for the highest office in the land. It is a real sign of progress in the attitudes of Americans. However, it is not healthy when every time Obama’s words or actions are challenged, the accusation of racism is thrown back in response. We must debate the opinions of candidates in order to ensure that we uphold the principles that guide our nation, such as respect for others, protection of the innocent, opposition to discrimination, and solid national security. Our government must serve the people, not enslave the people. While it can help create opportunity by removing obstacles and preventing abuse, it must never become the all-provident answer to human ills.

On the flip side, there appears to be a little more momentum for Senator McCain. Most people value his military service and like his “maverick” stance on many issues. He’s not afraid to go against the grain. But many people put their hope in McCain merely because they view him as the only way to stop Senator Obama’s far-left agenda. But once again, our real hope does not lie in John McCain.

In 1979, I shared some private moments with Governor Ronald Reagan. I talked to him about the principles upon which our nation was established, stressing the importance of building upon and even reinforcing their importance in order to have any hope of stability in an uncertain world. It appeared to me that Reagan was holding to time-tested and historically-proven principles. I even asked him about his relationship with God.

“Governor, is Jesus real to you?” I asked. He paused only a moment before beginning with that famous, “Well…” then responded with great conviction, “I did not have a father; he was an alcoholic. I lived with my mother, and the only way I know how to answer the question is to tell you that Jesus Christ is more real to me than my mother.”

I was deeply impressed. He made it clear that he was looking to the Messiah and in no way trying to be the Messiah. In August of 1980, Reagan sat behind me on the platform as I delivered a message to America and the 17,000 people filling Reunion Arena in Dallas. At one point, I turned to the presidential candidate and said, “Sir, if you stand by the principles that made this nation great, we [evangelicals] will be your best friend. If you do not stand by those principles, we can become your worst nightmare.”

He joined the 17,000 in attendance by standing and applauding. My exhortation was not meant as a threat, but as a statement of conviction. Christians must value principle above politics. History reveals that President Reagan stood by the principles that made this nation great—everything from right-to-life, limited government, strong defense, lower taxes and a refusal to bow before the Soviet threat that had promised our destruction. He lived to see the Berlin Wall torn down, an historic event I witnessed personally. I asked one German as he chiseled away at the wall, “How did it come down?” He responded in broken English, “It was prayed down!”

Christians must now pray for God’s wisdom in choosing our leaders. All of them, from the President and Congress down to our local school board, must understand and adhere to the principles that made this nation great. We need leaders who will look to the Messiah, not try to be a messiah. May God deliver all Americans from thinking they have found one in any political candidate. But whether they confess Christ as their Savior or not, they must build our future on the unshakable foundation of proven principles. Jesus knew what He was talking about. Our founders understood it. Even if they did not openly proclaim a personal relationship with Jesus, they understood the Biblical principles necessary for freedom to survive.

Christians would be wise to find out what the various candidates really believe. Is abortion truly an issue? Is increased taxation the answer to our current economic challenges? Can you really solve people’s problems through government programs that lack a love connection? Do we need to continue relying on foreign energy sources, especially from those who hate us, or should we utilize our own resources? Are we going to control excess and wisely protect our land, water and air, or allow the radical environmentalists to take over? Will we really seek the truth that makes us free and keeps us free or will we look to a messiah figure?

America, beware and be prayerful. We face an enemy that is committed to destroying our freedom and our future. They are serious. No candidate can truly save us. A candidate of any party who does not stand on solid, traditional principles, but says what people want to hear in order to get elected, is not fit to lead. Of course, there is no perfect candidate because there has only been one perfect person – Jesus Christ. He is not only the way to heaven, but also the way to life, security and stability on this earth. We must hold fast to the principles found in the Word of God and look to the only true Messiah for guidance and security.

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Author: James Robison

Word Count: 1110

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Soul of a Nation, The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity.

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