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It Is Time To Dial 911 09/11/2009

Dial 911

Now is the time to dial
a spiritual 9-1-1.


It seems difficult to believe that it was eight years ago when I walked into the family room and Betty said, "An airplane hit the World Trade Center in New York City!"

As a former small aircraft pilot, I speculated that a small plane was blinded by the glaring sun and veered tragically off course. We listened to the commentary and watched the confusion until we suddenly witnessed live coverage of another commercial airliner flying directly into the other tower. The explosion and ensuing panic ripped in my deepest sense of emotion and pain.

"Dear God, what is happening?" I cried. "Please help those people!"

In my spirit I was actually doing what all who had the presence of mind and a sensible response were doing -- praying for God's help. I watched the events that followed as all the world learned we had taken a direct hit from terrorists who intended to kill as many as possible and disrupt the privileges our American freedom and opportunity has granted us. Soon the Pentagon took the direct hit, and then flight 93 crashed in the fields of Pennsylvania sparing others because of the courageous and compassionate acts of passengers on board.

In the following days our nation seemed to come together with a unity of spirit that perhaps had not been witnessed since the attack on Pearl Harbor. Congressional leaders gathered on the steps of the Capital to pray together, partisanship disappeared, and there was no sense of anyone trying to take advantage of the situation. We just needed comfort and direction.

In those moments, America responded in the most appropriate fashion. We were broken, repentant, crying out to God for guidance, hoping for wisdom and leaning on one another's shoulders, seeking to rescue anyone we could find, and comforting those who were hurt. Sadly, in some ways this harmony and unity of spirit was short-lived.

On this day, eight years later, please remember the families of those who suffered a loss that day. Their world was changed forever.

Now is the time to dial a spiritual 9-1-1 and cry out to our great Creator and loving God who alone knows how to help us walk through the valley of the shadow of death and find a table prepared before us in the presence of any enemies.

In my article last week you may recall that I made the statement, "We are witnessing a threat far more subtle than terrorism, but equally as dangerous." It was a strong statement, but it is true. We are facing an enemy that is more united and more dangerous than perhaps any we have faced since the founding of this great nation.

The enemies of faith and freedom's principles move in harmonious step. They march to the same drumbeat and it is a beat from the very depths of darkness and deception. It counts down toward the destruction of our blessed way of life. It encompasses vast areas of our culture: an elite academia that denies the very existence of God while declaring themselves wise, an entertainment industry that celebrates many things the Scriptures decry as "sin," a political movement built on class warfare that strips the producers of wealth of all they produce, a business community with interests so self-centered that they are blind to the welfare of others, and a biased media that fails to report truth and corruption. Together, they amass an assault on our freedom. God is not relevant to them and they march to that same rhythm and beat of a people who seem to say there are no absolutes and that the only thing wrong is proclaiming that there are some things wrong. It is relativism penetrating every part of life.

Everything sacred is eroding. The mockers of morality and the intellectual skeptics of everything sacred, and the politicians who truly believe by the power of their legislation they can control and maintain all of value as they see it, hinder the very possibility of the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. There is only one force that can withstand this assault: the army of spiritual warriors living and fighting as the Lord intended -- courageous, compassionate and committed to truth. The church must cease just singing "Kum Bay Ya" and begin singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Remember, the weapons of our warfare are not physical, but spiritual.

When people hear God's voice and heed it, this revelation and relationship will produce a harmonious move that the gates of hell cannot conquer. That means that deception, dissension, darkness and destruction cannot withstand the power of a united people. These are not simply people united in a voting block or some moment of boasting in their numerous warriors, but of a people that have been so impacted by what they know to be true, that they stand against the fury of every assault of the enemy because their lives have been committed to living and sharing the power of truth.

It is truly the moment we must as believers cry out to God for wisdom. It is time to draw nigh to God and know that He will draw nigh unto us.

Recently, Betty and I were preparing to go out of town. Our black, short-haired dachshund, Princess, can always tell when we are getting ready to go somewhere. She checks to see if her little bag of toys is in the same area as our luggage. She saw that it was, then jumped in my lap as I was watching the news. For the next hour, she crawled into the cradle of my right arm, put her head on my shoulder and her nose very near my heart, and looked up at me. She did not move for an hour. As I looked at her, God made a deep impression on my heart. It was as though He was communicating, "She's a little dog, but she is aware that you are going somewhere. She wants to be as close to you as she can get. She has rested her head on your shoulder. She is watching you and making it clear that when you move, she moves. Wherever you go, she wants to go. And in order to insure this, she's going to stay as close to you as she can.'"

I thought, "Dear God, I sense in my heart you want to move, you're about to move, and you must move in our behalf or we are in serious trouble. When you move and wherever you move, I want to be leaning on your shoulder, not my understanding. I want to be trusting in you with all my heart, as near your heart as I can get and with my eyes fixed on you moving straight ahead. Where you go, I will go. When your light moves, I will move in that light. That's what I want!"

I am asking you to join me in the journey. Get as close to him as you can. Lean on Him. Watch Him. Move with Him. And cry out, "Dear God, if the church, if this nation, if our world has ever needed your wisdom, your guidance, your protection and your provision, we need it now! God help us!" It is time on 9-11 to call 9-1-1.

Author: James Robison

Editor: Randy Robison

Word Count: 1224

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Soul of a Nation, The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity.

Media Contact: Randy Robison, editor at . Photo available upon request. Reprint rights granted with attribution for complete, unedited article. Revisions allowed only with approval.