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Is There a Revolution on the Horizon? 09/25/2009

An ideological revolution

Renewed minds can spark an ideological revolution.


With all my heart I hope you read these words carefully. I don't know that I have ever shared when I have had a greater spirit of heaviness. I am weeping before God and crying out to Him to rescue us from the soon-to-come catastrophic results of walking boldly away from the principles that made this nation great. Time and again we hear our nation's leader and leaders apologize to the enemies of freedom and to those who openly oppose the practices and beliefs that made America great.

I would be the first to acknowledge that each of us have much room for improvement. Repentance on the part of every person is not only essential, but called for by God. Jesus said to the religious leaders who referenced a catastrophic event where the tower of Siloam had fallen, "Unless you repent, you will likewise perish." This was not just a reference to a fallen tower. It means that all the high places in which we foolishly trust will some day be leveled and everything that can be shaken will be. It was also a proclamation of the truth that unless each individual comes into a personal relationship with the living God, they will spend this life and eternity without the life God freely offers through His son. Jesus was not only talking about current events, he was talking about eternity.

Our nation is great because the founders of this nation were influenced by the soundness of their faith and the impact of sacred truth and historical evidence. We do not strengthen this nation by agreeing with our enemies and pointing accusatory fingers at those who disagree with the agenda of those who refuse to listen to reason.

One example that comes to mind is the radical green movement. Those so-called scientists who say global warming is a serious threat never listen to contradictory evidence. We all agree that we need to conserve energy and preserve our environment, but the radical extremes of some of these people are foolish. For our leaders to get up and literally mock those who challenge these thoughts personifies a dangerous, closed mindset. It's the mentality I wrote about in a previous column titled, "When Insanity Rules."

What we need now is repentance and restoration -- a sort of ideological revolution. We do not need the kind of change that is being imposed upon us. This ever-expanding, all-consuming federal government can destroy any hope for recovery. The troubled economy will not be corrected by increasing the taxes; that will ultimately cost more jobs. We need more revenue and more opportunity in the free market. That's not a defense of greed or abusive corporate practices, but a statement of proven economic theory. We must allow a way for people to produce goods and services to provide opportunity, wealth and jobs. That is capitalism in its purest form. Limiting the worker's ability hinders his or her potential. Teaching people to depend on a source other than God is dangerous. It is, in fact, idolatry in the highest order. Capitalism is not the cause of our present challenges. Greed, mis-directed government along with unprincipled leaders in all areas of life starting at home are the major contributors.

Now there is a visible reaction to the impending crisis. People are rising up in tea parties, town hall meetings and everywhere they can be heard, but we must understand one critical truth: "The wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God." We have this justifiable anger, but it must be channeled in the right direction and in the correct manner or we will add to the chaos and confusion. A "remnant" of true believers must rise up. The founders of this nation were a remnant, not only willing to live for freedom, but willing to give up their own prosperity and even their lives to offer and preserve true freedom for others. They established the founding documents that limited government, kept power brokers from plundering the prosperity of the people, protected individual freedom and emphasized personal responsibility.

In order to live this way, we must be under the control of a greater source of power and influence. That power, that positive influence, is the power of God -- His love and truth. It is this Father and this faith that the true believers -- properly called "the church" -- must reveal to the world. Unfortunately, some in the church boast in their "lack of compromise," all the time compromising one of the greatest commands -- to be one with God and perfected in unity and a bond of peace with one another. The only way the church will make a difference will be when we are truly one with God and walking with harmony of heart. If people of faith can't agree on what should be common ground -- pro-family, pro-life, pro-morality, pro-marriage -- how can we ever expect to return to sound living and maintain our freedom? True believers can agree on absolutes, and I wrote an entire book on The Absolutes. Keep in mind, many people associated with some religion or faith are not part of the remnant and don't actually know God in a personal relationship.

The people who share concern about our current direction and cry out for answers must have divine guidance, supernatural self-control and wisdom far beyond any man's intellectual ability, as our founders did, in order to turn the tide. If this ship of state is to be redirected, it must be inspired by people under divine direction. It will be because this nation, which has on its currency "In God We Trust," begins to trust in the God that inspired the placing of that motto in such a meaningful place.

Remember, removing prayer from school is a problem, but not the problem. The problem is that people stopped praying at home and even at church! We must get on our face before God in behalf of the leadership of this country, praying that every household, every community, every city and every state will have leaders of integrity who passionately seek the face of God and ask for wisdom and direction. If we want to see the power of the principles of our founding fathers, we need faith-filled fathers in every home and in all areas of responsibility. We are going to have such a radical return to truth that is controlled by love that it impacts every person in this nation and on this earth. It is time to get the light of your light out from under any covering and take a stand for God and for the truth that made us free and is necessary to keep us free.

Without the proper channeling of well-founded concern, we will simply have misdirected anger and no long-term, positive results. If true Christians, the holy remnant of God, arise and shine, the light of his truth will inspire, redirect, and motivate all concerned, sane-thinking citizens to stand up and help restore the foundation and save this nation. Without this under-control, but passionate revolution, the future of all the world is bleak. I know there is hope - the Blessed Hope. I, for one, am not just looking for Him, I am looking to Him. Join me!

Author: James Robison

Editor: Randy Robison

Word Count: 1200

About the author: James Robison is the founder and president of LIFE Outreach International, a Christian media ministry and mission relief organization. He and his wife, Betty, host of the television program Life Today; He has authored numerous books, including The Soul of a Nation, The Absolutes: Freedom's Only Hope and True Prosperity.

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